Breakthrough Providence has a dual mission: to create a pathway to college for low-income, academically-motivated middle school students in Providence Public Schools, and to encourage talented high school and college students to pursue careers in education.

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Learning with: Niimo, Higher Ed. Part 5

Conclusion With the growing number of Latinx enrolling in college, but not attaining degrees, support and institutional systems must be examined more in depth. Research has shown that ethnic identity, ability to use resources, ability to navigate campus ecology, and...
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Learning with: Niimo, Higher Ed. Part 4

We see the need to support our Latinx students before and while their at college. We begin to understand the different aspects that contribute to Latinx persistence and success. We've learned of the different categories Latinx may fit into and how that effects their...
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Learning with: Niimo, Higher Ed. Part 3

Let's recap what we know so far. Latinx students are increasingly going to college, which is great. However, they're dropping out at equal rates. Latinx students may have learned Spanish before English, and must not only overcome language barriers but also academic...
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Learning with: Niimo, Higher Ed. Part 2

We have an understanding of what an ecology of a campus is and how it affects the development of students of color as a whole, but what are the specifics? There is an increasing amount of literature around the state of Latinx in higher education, and the literature...
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