Welcome to our series #BeyondTheBooks, where we’ll get to ask a staff member, or possibly alums/partners, fun questions. So often we focus on the work and mission behind what we do, which is great, but we believe that relationship/community building never ends. The questions have and will be created by the suggestions you leave us on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, along with some of our own. Our students and the education sphere have so many different ideas and backgrounds, we hope you enjoy learning about the different characters here at BTP.

Question: What was the last movie you saw?

Answer: The color Purple

Q: How do you get yourself to sleep when you can’t?

A: Drink Chamomile tea, watch tv or spray a sleep spray that contains lavender, chamomile and other sleep aid ingredients.

Q: Night owl or early bird?

A: Both…I go to bed really late and wake up really early.

Q: Red or Blue Doritos?

A: Red

Q: Which game/app were you last addicted to?

A: Temple Run

Q: How’re you with spicy food?

A: Love spicy food

Q: BTP in one word

A: Amazing