The college admissions scandal continues to shed light on the inequities that remain present in our education system. It is times like this where our impact and mission is truly needed. Although we have not published our own statement, we wanted to share what other Breakthrough sites have said.

The Breakthrough Collaborative was mentioned in an article published in Forbes titled:

Rethinking College Admission: Focus On Kids Who’ve Proved They Won’t Take The Easy Path

Elissa Vanaver, National CEO, and Lori-Ann Cox, Miami CEO, co-wrote an op-ed that was published in The Miami Herald titled:

No Varsity Blues here — Breakthrough Miami helps low-income, motivated minority students enroll in college — for free

Breakthrough New York also published their response to the scandal on their own site titled:

Breakthrough New York’s statement on the national college admissions scandal and inequality in college and high school admissions

Breakthrough Central Texas’ also have a special mention in the Austin American-Statesman titled:

Giving City: College bribery scandal resonates with college-focused nonprofits