Summer Staff 2020

Meet the Summerbridge Team 

 Haley DeMartin – Instructional Coach 

School/Subject: Biology at Hope High School

Why Breakthrough: I will be the math IC at BTP this summer. I wanted to be an Instructional Coach because I am passionate about supporting the next generation of educators and I am committed to confronting educational inequity. Through coaching the vibrant and innovative young teachers at BTP I will gain experiences that will enable and inspire me to be a better teacher to my students in the upcoming school year.

Pedro Calixto – Instructional Coach 

School/Subject: 5th Grade Bilingual Teacher at Public School 169 in Brooklyn, NY 

Why Breakthrough: I will be the English Langauge Arts Instructional Coach this summer. I wanted to be an Instructional Coach because I want to share my expertise as a teacher leader with other aspiring teachers who want to work in a school community with different types of learners.  I want to share and model best teaching practices, provide lesson plan feedback, and provide support to teachers in training in this wonderful Breakthrough Providence program! 



Christian Martinez – Dean of Faculty 

School/Subject: I currently teach at 360 High School in the South Side of Providence. I teach Algebra 1 and serve the school community as Restorative Coordinator.

Why Breakthrough?:  I wanted to be the Dean of Faculty this Summer to mentor and support our Teaching Fellows and their Instructional Coaches. Additionally, I am confident that I will learn and grow from working with the Breakthrough Providence faculty of Summer 2020. As an Instructional Coach I always loved working with my department of teachers. I am excited and humbled by the opportunity to have a role where I can work with all of the teachers this Summer!

 Ashaad Tillman – 9th Grade Fellow Mentor 

School: I’m a rising Senior at Lasell University in Newton, MA

Why Breakthrough?: This summer, I will be the 9th Grade Fellow Mentor! I am a former student and teaching fellow of the program. I decided to come back to Breakthrough this summer to continue to inspire and educate the young minds in the community I grew up in!  

Name: Arden Reynolds School: Brown University  Subject: English Language Arts  

Why Breakthrough?:  I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember, and so I was drawn to Breakthrough’s focus on quality teaching and strong communities. I’m really excited to meet you and start working with you!


Name: Jashua Cabrera School: 360 High School  Subject: English Language Arts

 Why Breakthrough?: I wanted to teach at Breakthrough because it presents the opportunity for me to give the students a better introduction to the 8th grade than I was able to have. I also want to help break the stereotypes that teachers are not there to help you.

Name: Nayda Ya  School:  Providence College Subject: Math 

Why Breakthrough?:  I wanted to teach at Breakthrough Providence this Summer because I loved teaching my first year. I enjoy helping others out/teaching others in subjects that they are not too confident in. My goal is to always help someone feel more confident in something they weren’t too comfortable with before. Breakthrough has always had a special place in my heart and I’m happy to return this Summer!

Name: Peyton Siegel  School: University of Maryland  Subject:  Math  

Why Breakthrough?: I chose to teach at Breakthrough because it provides the opportunity to engage in meaningful work, as well as learn from the experiences of my peers and the students. I am thrilled to be involved with Breakthrough!

Name: Ailsa Ferland  School: George Washington University  Subject: English Language Arts  

Why Breakthrough?: I wanted to teach with Breakthrough because the program’s commitment to diversity and equal access stood out to me over other opportunities in education. I realized I wanted to continue working in a school setting after working in English as a Second Language classrooms in Washington, DC. Through the recommendation of a friend, I was introduced to Breakthrough, and I could not be happier to be working with an organization that cares so much about community building.

Name: Abraham Alvarado  School: Tufts University  Subject: Math

 Why Breakthrough?: I was very impressed when I read about the work Breakthrough has been doing. As a future educator, I feel as though the students which I will be teaching are similar to those Breakthrough reaches. As a product of a public school district, I know the lack of resources schools predominantly made up of students of color receive. I am excited to work with students who come from a similar background as myself.

Name: Viola Wallace School: Tufts University Subject:  English Language Arts  

Why Breakthrough?: I wanted to teach with breakthrough this summer because the experience, friendships, and lessons I gained during my previous summer at Breakthrough proved to be invaluable and I wanted the opportunity to make more this summer.

Name: Rebecca Martin School: The Wheeler School Subject: Math

 Why Breakthrough?: I wanted to teach with Breakthrough because I volunteered last summer and I saw how eager the students were to learn and I wanted to help them on their academic journey.

Name: Audin Leung   School: University of California, Davis   Subject: English Language Arts

Why Breakthrough?: I love how Breakthrough brings so much care, creativity, excitement, and genuine connection to teaching and learning, and how the program is grounded in social justice values – it’s how I wish every school could be! I hope to become an educator myself and bring what I learn from teaching at Breakthrough to the many communities and youth I will meet in the future. 


Name: Keven Muñoz School: Drew University  Subject: English Language Arts

Why Breakthrough?: The main reason I want to teach at Breakthrough Providence is because the program’s focus is not only to educate young academic minds but to do it with an emphasis on Social Justice. Especially during these trying times, it is imperative for students to prepare themselves with the knowledge and resources required to be able to engage in national and global conversations.

Name: Aileen Membreno School: Mount Holyoke College. Subject:  Math

Why Breakthrough?: After reading through the Social Justice Education Statement , I knew that I wanted to create that support system for someone else because this type of support and encouragement that I received; which allowed me to believe in myself and my own potential /abilities. As a first-generation Latinx student, I hope to give students the same support, guidance, and encouragement that I received throughout my own education that lead me to where I am now and where I hope to be in the future. 

Name:  Naomi Blank   School: The Wheeler School  Subject:  Math

Why Breakthrough?: Last year I volunteered at Summerbridge and I met so many fun and interesting people. Breakthrough is a great program and I know we’ll have an amazing time this summer!

Name:  Emily Ramos    School:University of Rhode Island  Subject: English Langauge Arts

Why Breakthrough?: This summer will be my second summer with breakthrough. I came back to teach a breakthrough because I really enjoyed my first summer with the program. Last summer I met so many people from different parts of the country who are now my friends. Teaching seventh grade last year also help me find ways to become a better listener and teacher to my students. I am excited to make more memories this summer.

Name: Donroy Ferdinand   School: Howard University Subject: English Langauge Arts 

Why Breakthrough?: I recognize the need for diversity in education, and Breakthrough Providence has clear goals to meet that need. I want to work somewhere where I can be helpful and our thought processes align, and that is here.

Name: Annika Baktha  School: Valley Christian High School Subject: Math  

Why Breakthrough?: I wanted to teach at Breakthrough this summer because I love working with kids and wanted to be a part of Breakthrough’s mission to serve and support students throughout their academic journey!

Name: Teddy Whiteman  School: University of Notre Dame  Subject: Math

Why Breakthrough?:  I chose Breakthrough because it is a teaching and mentorship program. While honing in my teaching skills, I hope to help students to discover a love for learning!